Wooden elements with matt or lacquered finishes,
classic but contemporary style solutions


By boiserie we mean the wooden panels , decorated or natural, which are applied to the walls to decorate the environment, giving a pleasant feeling of harmony and increasing comfort environmental.
Smooth or pantographed, in classic or modern style: the boiserie represents an extraordinary choice for interior design projects that aim to create customized and refined solutions. The warmth of the wood worked horizontally and the curves created following the perimeter profile create an amazing effect of natural beauty .


The boiserie consists of much more than a simple decoration of the wall ; allows you to upset an environment, giving a more dignified and comfortable air. There are mainly two versions of boiserie:

  • Half-height boiserie , when the panels cover only the lower part of the wall
  • Full-height boiserie , if the panels completely cover the wall in its height

The boiserie is a wooden paneling that also helps insulate the walls of the bedroom and therefore can significantly increase the comfort of the environment , combining the energy factor with the aesthetic one.