Protect the rooms of your home with the model you prefer according to your needs, space, design and functionality.


By installing a good mosquito net you can increase the livability of your home , having the possibility of leaving doors and windows open, while avoiding the hassle of mosquitoes and insects.
By entrusting yourself to Arredoporte you will not have to worry about anything, if not the choice of the mosquito net you prefer: we have numerous variations with the possibility of choosing the colors of the structure and the net, the types of opening and the dimensions . We will then take care of installation and assembly quickly and with the guarantee of maximum functionality.
The mosquito nets can adapt perfectly to your doors and windows thanks to the design by our specialized staff who will take care of every detail.


From Greco to Palermo we have selected the best manufacturers to obtain a vast catalog of mosquito net models including:

  • Rolling mosquito net
  • Recessed mosquito net
  • Magnetic mosquito net
  • Spring insect screen
  • Fixed mosquito net
  • Hinged mosquito net
  • Electric mosquito net

Each model is more suitable for certain types of doors or windows , in relation to the size of the opening, the use that will be made of the mosquito net and of the exposure it will have over time. Contact our staff to choose the best mosquito net, we will guide you in choosing and create a tailored solution for your home.