Wide choice and customizable solutions, also in the motorized version for maximum comfort.


To complete the offer of our fixtures we offer a wide range of roller shutters and shutters, equipped with advanced closing systems and available in different versions of materials, colors and finishes.
Roller shutters have become the most used blackout system, replacing the shutters because when compared they have numerous advantages:

  • completely darken when completely lowered and better regulation of the room light is possible;
  • increase the safety of the home as they are difficult to lift and / or force. Some models have advanced security locks and certified anti-burglary systems;
  • they occupy a small space, being rolled up on themselves when closed and wrapped in the special box, which can also be retractable so as not to affect the aesthetics of the room.


Roller shutters are excellent blackout systems and at the same time increase the security of your home. Available mainly in two materials, PVC and metal, they are increasingly at the center of technological implementations, becoming a fundamental part of home automation. In fact, numerous models of automatic shutters and roller shutters are available, which can also be controlled remotely.

The new trend in terms of roller shutters and roller shutters is that of roller shutters, or roller shutters equipped with adjustable slats that allow you to choose whether to illuminate the room or screen it totally or partially with the only orientation of these slats, without the need to raise or lower the whole roller shutter.

At Greco we will be able to advise you on the best solution for your home in terms of roller shutters. Come to our Showroom to discover all the available roller shutter models.