The best solution to complete your fixtures,
isolating and decorating the window in style


The choice of adopting PVC shutters for one’s own home certainly confers a significant architectural improvement on the building, with the possibility of customizing them in different aspects.
You can choose from an infinite number of colors and finishes that will allow you to obtain a product with the appearance you have always desired, in perfect harmony with the design and the style of your home.
Maintenance is minimal for these darkening systems and in addition to improving the energy performance it is also possible to take advantage of the tax deductions provided for the installation of PVC shutters, with the right to Irpef reimbursement of 50% of the expense incurred.


Thanks to the versatility and properties of this material, PVC shutters are increasingly being adopted for new buildings and for the renovation of existing houses.
The possibilities of choosing among the finishes are numerous and it is also possible to replicate the effect of other materials such as wood, thus opting for a material with excellent energy performance but with a classic appearance.
PVC shutters are very resistant to atmospheric agents, in particular to humidity and temperature changes and thanks to their performance they allow you to reduce energy consumption for all months of the year, isolating from the winter cold and protecting from summer heat without transmitting temperature changes to the window.
In addition to the aesthetic choice options, there are also different structural variants, such as the PVC shutters with fixed or adjustable slats , which allow you to be oriented to adjust the amount of light you want to let into the room.
Furthermore, if you need to save space in opening the shutters and gain in practicality, the PVC shutters with side sliding system are available. With a simple gesture it will be possible to move the shutter along the wall, a particularly interesting option in the presence of large openings.