Every year since 1973 has left its mark, day after day the company has grown and renewed, adapting to the changing needs of the market and supporting a leading brand in the sector, such as Finstral, Garofoli and many others.

The GRECO group continues to assert itself through skills and professionalism, with a dizzying rhythm, thanks to the attention we offer, providing more solutions to the many needs that the “CUSTOMER” submits to us.

We make use of the best latest generation design technologies, we collaborate in symbiosis with the “professionals of the sector”.

We use the leading brand in the renovation and new construction sector.

We employ highly experienced installers who follow our certified laying project, as well as top level after-sales and assistance.








Massimo Greco
Massimo GrecoAdministrator and Head of Measurement Survey
Sole administrator of Greco srl, he collaborates with the company still registered to his father from 1988 until 2006, from which moment Greco srl was born, where he took on the role of sole director of Greco Srl, he takes care of coordination: from production to logistics, from orders on delivery.
Paola Bonura
Paola BonuraSales Manager / Financial Advisor
He joined the company in 2002, when the company was still purely artisanal, since then it has all evolved, for 10 years he collaborated in the operational headquarters dealing with orders for raw materials, order management and quotes, in 2012 and exactly on the 21st April the “Garofoli store” store is inaugurated, among other things, the first in Sicily, in 2015 Greco srl widened its boundaries with the new showroom dedicated mainly to PVC windows and specifically “Finstral”.
Raffaele Cagnina
Raffaele CagninaHead of window and metalwork installation.
Joined the company in 1997, his job is mainly focused on the production of the window frame (cutting, and machining on the work center) and the installation of the window frame on site.
Salvatore Rappa
Salvatore RappaHead of window and metalwork installation
Coordinator of the iron and steel department, he has been collaborating with the company since 1991, a very precise and attentive person, he makes use of his experience to meet the requirements of an excellent craftsman.